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Discover The Major Differences: Clinics vs Hospitals – A Comprehensive Guide

One of the reasons people today live longer than in the middle ages is that when it comes to their health, they prefer science to magic. And as with any branch of science and/or medicine, the way treatments are conveyed are slightly different to each other. Therefore, patients are presented with two options- a hospital or a doctor’s clinic. The main difference between a hospital and a doctor’s clinic is in the type of treatment they provide. Usually, hospitals are responsible for diagnos...
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Questions to Ask your Doctor Or Healthcare Provider

It is your right to go to a doctor or healthcare provider for any minor or major healthcare issue. It is also equally right to ask all the necessary questions for a fruitful result. quadcare ensures that all our patients understand the full meaning of their health by encouraging patients to ask the proper questions to their doctor. Sometimes asking proper questions can mean giving your doctor as much information as possible and being honest about your health concerns. Tell the doctor your proble...
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Telemedicine: Why it isn’t a temporary fix, but the new norm

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that telemedicine is not only a viable option, but also here to stay. In March 2020, many office workers packed their bags under the mandate of their employers, assuming they’d be working from home for a few weeks so the coronavirus could “blow over.” Fast-forward two years: many of those same employees have yet to step foot back into their old offices, and some never will again. A similar trend is playing out in healthcare through remote medic...
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Telemedicine: More Than Just A Virtual Doctor’s Office

It’s no secret that new innovations are often compared to what exists in the market already. People compared computers to typewriters and phones to telegrams. They couldn’t imagine that we would talk to each other the way we do on Facetime or have the entire world at our fingertips thanks to the internet. It takes about a generation of advancements for new technologies to gain the recognition they deserve. Telemedicine is our generation’s phone; underappreciated for its capabil...
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Top 10 Benefits of Telehealth for South African Patients and Doctors

Telehealth is a term used to describe the use of electronic communication and information technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient monitoring, and health management. The growth of benefits of telehealth services is outpacing traditional healthcare delivery models by a wide margin as patients and providers alike, discover the many advantages of this innovative technology.   Telehealth is powered by digital technology, allowing us to reimagine the doctor’s app...
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Telehealth In South Africa

Telehealth in South Africa is slowly but surely taking over the way healthcare is conducted. This way of providing care to patients provides numerous benefits and very few cons. It makes it easier for patients who are ill to receive care, it’s often more affordable, and it’s found to be more efficient! Let’s talk in detail about Telehealth in South Africa!   What Is Telehealth? Telehealth is the use of technology to provide healthcare services. This digital information and communication t...
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