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Consultation Guide for the Deaf at quadcare

A smooth healthcare experience begins with effective communication. At quadcare, we deeply understand the unique needs of our deaf patients, and we’ve meticulously crafted an approach to ensure that your consultation is as smooth and productive as possible.


Before even setting foot into our clinic, there are specific steps that can be taken to guarantee a smooth communication process:

  1. Request Accommodations: Upon scheduling your appointment at quadcare, make sure to request communication accommodations. This could mean having a sign language interpreter, especially for those who communicate using South African Sign Language (SASL).
  2. Share Communication Preferences: Every individual has a distinct preference when it comes to communication. Some might be comfortable with lip reading, while others may prefer written communication. At quadcare, we want to cater to your unique needs, so it’s essential to inform our healthcare provider of your desired method. This might be a mix of SASL, lip reading, written communication, or others.


Ensuring effective communication doesn’t stop at preparation. During your appointment, consider the following strategies to facilitate a fruitful dialogue:

  1. Bring a Companion: The presence of a trusted family member, friend, or communication assistant can be incredibly beneficial. They can provide additional support, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial details shared during your time with our quadcare clinician.
  2. Written Notes: At quadcare, we provide a handy notebook for our patients, offering an avenue for you to jot down pivotal instructions, information, and queries that you might want to revisit later.
  3. Utilization of Visual Aids: Our dedicated quadcare clinicians employ visual aids like images, diagrams, or videos to further clarify concepts and procedures, ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Lip Reading and Speech: If you excel in lip reading and speech, remember to inform our clinical coordinator when booking your appointment. We’ll make sure to optimize our communication methods accordingly.


The journey doesn’t end when you leave our clinic. Open lines of communication are pivotal:

  • Reach Out for Clarification: Post-consultation, if any uncertainties or questions arise, always feel free to get in touch with our healthcare provider. At quadcare, we’re here to assist and ensure you have all the information you need.

Contact Us: For any further queries or to schedule an appointment, connect with us via WhatsApp at 064 705 5087.

At quadcare, we’re committed to providing exceptional care tailored to the needs of each individual. Ensuring a comfortable and understanding environment for our deaf patients is of paramount importance to us. Let’s work together for your health and well-being.


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