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Have you ever needed to have your doctor on speed dial? It is almost impossible to imagine a reality where our everyday life isn’t integrated with technology. We do everything online, buy items, communicate, share experiences, and now we even see doctors virtually.

quadcare is a leading provider of telemedicine services in South Africa. We make it convenient for patients to have one-on-one consultations with a qualified general practitioner through a phone call. The teleconsultations can be booked through a simple online booking process or Whatsapp.

There is a seamless transition between booking, consulting, and receiving medication making it a hassle-free process. Many medical conditions can be initially diagnosed and treated with teleconsultation from diarrhoea and sore throats to chronic conditions and family planning.

Teleconsultations are brief and concise, allowing you to skip the long surgery queue and consult your doctor regardless of geographic location.

quadcare boasts 12 medical centres across Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo. “We need a South Africa that provides access to healthcare…” says Dr. Dulcy Rakomakoe, CEO of quadcare. The 13th  clinic was opened in Mamelodi Square in Pretoria, a great achievement for the organisation. Not only does quadcare prioritize accessibility, our healthcare professionals treat patients with the utmost dignity and respect.  “People fall ill all the time and we want them to know that quadcare is a safe space free of discrimination and prejudice.”

Nine out of the 13 clinics are located within a shopping mall making it convenient for you to pay a visit to the doctor.

The physical-virtual hybrid model takes full use of the clinic’s infrastructure to ensure that patients are catered to regardless of proximity or connectivity challenges. This allows patients to be in control of whether they would like to have a virtual or physical consultation.

Technological developments in medicine have prompted a steady increase in the use of telehealth services because of its convenience, lower cost, and its ability to easily reach a large number of people.

quadcare has cemented the infrastructure, skills, and experience to support its patients and ensure they receive quality, affordable and convenient healthcare.


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