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Discover The Major Differences: Clinics vs Hospitals – A Comprehensive Guide

One of the reasons people today live longer than in the middle ages is that when it comes to their health, they prefer science to magic. And as with any branch of science and/or medicine, the way treatments are conveyed are slightly different to each other. Therefore, patients are presented with two options- a hospital or a doctor’s clinic.

The main difference between a hospital and a doctor’s clinic is in the type of treatment they provide. Usually, hospitals are responsible for diagnosing and treating major illnesses. Meanwhile, clinics tend to minor illnesses that can be treated on an outpatient basis. As a result, hospitals tend to be large institutions. In comparison, clinics are smaller.

quadcare clinics deliver quality, affordable and dignified healthcare to all individuals who need it. Often we see patients’ confused about whether or not they want to pursue their treatment at a hospital or a quadcare clinic. This article will lay out the difference between quadcare clinics and hospitals and therefore help you decide which is the best fit for you.


Structural Difference Between quadcare Clinics And Hospitals

Both hospitals and quadcare clinics form an integral part of upholding a robust health system. Although they do not fundamentally exist for the same purpose one doesn’t hold any superiority over the other.
At quadcare, we believe that knowing the difference between the two can help you understand why your medical professional referred you to either one. And thus increase your confidence in the treatment with a hospital or a quadcare clinic.



Hospitals are usually large and spacious buildings with full compounds. Inside, there might be somewhere from fifty to five hundred beds. Although hospitals with a larger and smaller number of beds also exist.
Staff includes a well-trained army of doctors and nurses. You may find all kinds of specialists in a general hospital, such as surgeons, internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, nephrologists, gynecologists and obstetricians, neurologists, dermatologists, and many more.


quadcare Clinic

On the other hand, a quadcare clinic is usually a smaller building. quadcare clinics do not admit patients but offer an outpatient service where patients are not required to stay the night. quadcare patients are offered adequate information and steps to follow to ensure that they are able to fully recover.
Contrasted  with the large medical hospital staff, a clinic has a small group of highly qualified and professional clinicians who run the institution and ensure that patients are adequately attended to.
Although there are a smaller number of medical professionals at a quadcare clinic, there will always be a clinician available to receive and treat your ailments upon your arrival with or without an appointment.


Difference In Service Between Hospitals And quadcare Clinics:

Hospitals serve you when you need continuous treatment and monitoring for an illness or injury. So, in the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident, you will be rushed to a hospital emergency room. Or, if you require major surgery, the hospital is where you shall be admitted.
Therefore, the hospital has facilities like an operation theater, intensive care units, a central oxygen line, diagnostic facilities, and others.
Meanwhile, quadcare clinics serve patients who are fit enough to walk in for treatment and do not need continuous monitoring. So, if you have a cough and mild fever, a quadcare clinician will send you home with an easy-to-follow prescription.
quadcare clinics also conduct minor procedures. For instance, a quadcare clinic might do procedures like termination of pregnancy or circumcision. You can also stitch up minor wounds or get contraceptives such as the implanon removed.
Diagnostic tests are another service provided by quadcare clinics. The clinic performs ultrasounds, blood tests and amongst other diagnostic procedures.


Visiting A Hospital

Whether you will or won’t get admitted to a hospital is not up to you. If your condition requires hospitalization, you have no choice but to take admission. On the other hand, public hospitals usually don’t let less serious patients occupy their beds.
Hospitals provide you with consultation, medication, and accommodation. These can easily accumulate to hundreds or even thousands of rands after just a few days.
The bills pile up so fast that it is hard to keep track of them and often overwhelm the patient. Therefore, it is almost impossible for average earners to afford hospitals without proper health insurance. In addition to high costs, commercial hospitals tend to overbill their patients.


Why You Should Choose A quadcare Clinic

quadcare clinics play a crucial role in balancing the health system. They offer excellent, quality and affordable healthcare to all their patients. This serves as a perfect alternative to overflooded outpatient hospital departments.
quadcare clinics exist in 3 different provinces and 13 different locations across the country including; Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng. Therefore, ensuring accessibility to all walk in patients and virtual consultation to all those who can not physically make it to their facilities.
quadcare clinics are open Mondays – Saturdays and offer round-the-clock virtual support to all their patients.


The difference between hospitals and clinics exists to reduce unwanted stress on the healthcare system. quadcare positions its patients at the forefront of quality and affordable primary healthcare services. The work they do ensures that patients receive the dignified and excellent healthcare that they deserve.

For more information on quadcare or to book an appointment with a quadcare healthcare practitioner WhatsApp 064 705 5087.


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